“We don’t have a signature building.
The common denominator hopefully will be the quality.”

David W. Anderson

We’ve been around for nearly a century. We’ve evolved with the times but haven’t lost sight of our history, and what made us successful.  Integrity.  Commitment. Passion.

Our studios in Waltham, MA and South Windsor, CT are driven by a team of talented and passionate professionals dedicated to creating spaces and places that make a difference for the people who use them.

We are built on a solid foundation with collaboration and learning at our core.

We like to tell people we’re a big firm with the service of a small firm. We achieve this by being organized in teams according to project.  Each new client is assigned a team who will stay on that project to completion. This gives us the flexibility to work on projects of various sizes and types simultaneously.

This also provides an opportunity to grow professionally, take on more responsibility, and learn new things along the way. We understand the value of seeing a project through from planning through construction.

People who gravitate here have similar passions and beliefs about their purpose, even though their personalities are uniquely different.  We are educated and worldly professionals.  Each year one staff member is awarded the David W. Anderson Traveling Fellowship, a travel grant to somewhere in the world that supports professional growth and returns the greatest value to the firm’s collective knowledge.


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